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human - concerned
punchtheflute wrote in smash_network
Well. I did it. My New Years Resolution last year was to gain one hundred pounds in my Pokemon form, and I did it. So, I'm happy about that. I just got weighed at the Pokemon center. I even beat my goal by ten pounds.

I think this year my resolution should be another hundred pounds. That would be good. And maybe to sleep a little bit less. I tried coffee today - It's actually kind of tasty with a lot of sugar and some whipped cream and some cinnamon on it.

[He's looking a little drained and sounding a little less enthusiastic than normal. Feel free to poke him or stop in for a visit. Once done with the video he will be watering plants. Like. For hours.]

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Hundred pounds of muscle?

Edited at 2012-01-07 07:04 am (UTC)

Hmmmm. I guess maybe SOME of it might be muscle? Mostly it's fat. From eating a lot.

I bet if I worked on it with you you could make the next hundred pounds be muscle.

Well, muscle burns fat so I really don't want to have too much muscle.

But I could come and spend time with you when you're doing your working out stuff. You're probably missing Vinnie in the mornings, right?

Yeah, but muscle hits harder than fat, trust me.

You sure you're up for that? Whenever I burst in on Vinnie for a surprise workout you're always sawin' logs and me yellin' at him doesn't ever wake you up.

Yeah, but I might get out of shape if I have too much muscle, Max. Snorlax' are supposed to be big and round. I don't want to change that.

I can set my alarm. It would be nice to sit and watch you and talk whenever you're not too busy to talk.

Yeah, I guess. I've been pokemon lots of times, and when I was a venusaur and a blastoise and a bulbasaur I had to be a turtle or a plant guy and I guess I couldn't change that.

But if you want to get human you buff, I can help with that.

Maybe while Vinnie's gone you can do all of his stuff with me.

I was just thinking I could sit and watch you do your normal thing without really doing it too.... I thought you might just like the company. I would.

You would what?

[Red pats him on the shoulder. He's proud of you but at the same time, Sonny shouldn't push himself too hard.]

[He smiles at Red. He always smiles at Red.]

Well, Vinnie's plants sure LOOK like they're happy. I'm glad I know how to take care of them.

I'm not sure gaining pounds is healthy, Sonny...

It is for Snorlaxes. The bigger we are, the better and stronger we are. I want to be the biggest and strongest I can be so that means I need more pounds.

Alright then... Just don't push yourself.

Everyone else pushes themselves in their training. I can too. It's not the same kind of training but it's something.

Oh. Well. You're a little bit different, I guess.

I suppose I am. I know my limits and try not to exceed them. I understand that some people prefer to though, to help them become stronger.

I want to exceed my limits too. For sure! I can be more help to everyone if I'm stronger and that means getting bigger. And I want to stay awake longer in the day time so I can spend more time with everyone.

But it is in your nature to sleep a lot...

Are you sure that is... a healthy resolution? Normally I would root for you to strive for your goals, but I don't know if gaining hundreds of pounds is good for you!

Oh! I remember you! Hi!

I'm a Snorlax. The average weight of a Snorlax is 1014.1 lbs. Some of us are a little lighter, some of us are heavier. I'm a little bigger than that now, but I want to be even BIGGER than that. A snorlaxes power is in it's weight, so, the more I weigh, the better I am.

Yes! Hello!

Ah, I see! That's right. You were a rather large creature when you came into my office that day, so it would only make sense that you require a lot of weight if that's how you're built. I should apologize for the quick assumption I made there. Goodness, that is a lot of weight to carry! Does it ever get difficult?

No! I'm very strong. I can move around really easily. Snorlaxes aren't very fast Pokemon, but there's a lot of things we can do, and everything we do means we have to move all that weight around.

It must be nice to be so strong. You must be able to lift a ton...

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