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private; hackable- to mac, delta red, and majima
big girls don't cry
misscammywhite wrote in smash_network

Hi Mac. You probably don't really remember who I am, but my name is Cammy White. I'm a university student here. I'm glad to see you're back up on your feet and feeling better. I'm disheartened that our correspondence couldn't be under brighter circumstances, but I'm afraid I must ask for your help-- would you be able to look at some security camera footage I've come in possession of? If you declined, I would understand. I think it could really help in the search for the person that put you in such a state in the first place.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

- Cammy White.

Thank you for your birthday wishes on the 6th, despite the fact that I tell you every year that you don't need to do anything like that. No use in pretending I guess-- messages from you lot put a smile on my face every time, no matter what the occasion. Hope everything is going well back in London. Things are interesting here. I promise I'll fill you in when more comes into light.


I reached out to Mac, the boy I was telling you about before. I intend to show him the footage you found and see if he can make the connection. Let me know if you find anything in the other footage.

- C. White

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[He read this, he read it hard. This lady. Cammy...Video footage. Able to help. Mac read all of this and pinged. Did they catch footage of his attacker, really? Mac couldn't remember all of what he looked like, but any clue...any clue would help. Something to ping Mac's brain and unlock anything to help him identify the guy. This was Mac's chance to help. Catch the creep that did this. Who did this to a LOT of people, including him. All innocent. Including the Kraken. Mac didn't know Cammy but she seemed to know a little about him. So introductions didn't matter here. Mac was serious, this was business. Time to get to work, do or die time. He wanted to be right to the point, go ahead and do what he was asked to do. Straight answers.]

No, I'd be more than willin' to look at it. Thanks, ma'am. I'd do anythin' I can to stop this creep.

[Anything, even go out to stop himself. He was slowly beginning to think about forgetting his injuries. He really was. In spite of what people told him.]

Thank you. It's footage of the man that killed and mutilated the Kraken. It's not especially clear, but if it turns out to be the same man you might be able to make that connection regardless. When would be a good time for you?

I'm good to do it now. This is important.

Very well.

[In a short while, Cammy shows up at Mac's door with a tape in her hands and an apologetic look on her face. She knocks on his door.]

Uh, comin'!

[He went to open the door. Oh, he hadn't expected for her to come to his dorm but WHATEVS. Wait, this was Cammy right?]

Miss Cammy White?

Yes, that's me. Excuse the intrusion, but I wanted to make things easier.

[She holds up the tape.]

I thought I would come to you.

It's no problem. I'm happy to help.

[He eyes the tape. Moment of truth.]

I got a VHS player, I'll pop this in.

[He looks ready to not like what he sees.]

[She nods, leaning against the wall facing the television, her arms crossed. It was time to let the footage do the talking for itself.

It was the same as it was every time. The man dragging bits of the Kraken behind him. Never a straight on shot, but the clothing, stance, and profile distinctive enough. Distinctive enough to identify him. Would it be distinctive enough to trigger Mac's memory, if it was the same man?

[The moment he turned in the tape, he glued himself to the TV. And he shut himself up, so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Mac watched the footage and then...]

[He saw Caim. That guy. Carrying pieces of the Kraken. It made him want to barf. All that blood. Everywhere. But he o had to focus. Focus focus.]

[His clothing...Mac noted that first. It looked like.]


[He looked like he focused more on the man and leaned in closer to the TV. The clothing looked reallly...familar. He was tall, but not too tall. Messy hair. Crazy man stance. Not caring an ounce of the living and the blood on him-]

[-The shock almost made Mac fall backward.]

[It was him. The guy who tried to-]

[He turned to Cammy, doing his very best to not look emotionally affected by the footage. He was stronger than that. Though he did look like he was trying really hard.]

[He opened his mouth and gave a look of that he was sure of what he was going to say.]

It's him.

That's the guy who tried me in.

I'm sure of it.

[Cammy, on the other hand, had no intention of hiding her surprise.]


[A step towards the television.]

This man is a TA for the piloting class. His name is Caim. Are you sure it's him?

[A teacher. A teacher HERE. Killing people. Caim.

A surge or rage just hit him. Again, trying to hide it.]

I'm sure of it. I remember those clothes and the way he walked.

[He looked at the TV again.]

He had that hair. He walked like he ain't carin' towards no one. No one he can put that stupid sword in. He didn't care if he wore their blood too.

[Oh god, he felt like vomiting so bad.]

... Very well.

[Cammy strides to the VHS, taking the tape out with haste. And look at that, it seems that she's already preparing to fire off a text message.]

Thank you... so much for your cooperation.

... Do you need anything?

...I'm okay.

[Hell no he wasn't. Everything was coming back to him and he was scared and angry and.]

...I need to help.

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[Yeah, obviously he wasn't.

She pauses, moving in front of Mac. She knelt, and placed her hands over his.

Listen. I promise you, I will make him pay for what he did. You've already helped more than you know. What I need you to do is relax. The state you're in, I can imagine what you're thinking, but we all need to be cool in this situation.

I know what I'm asking you to do is hard. But can you?

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[Mac didn't get up from sitting down yet then he did. He didn't want to show any weakness at all. Especially in front of a stranger who seemed like she had it all together. He didn't want his trauma to overcome him, but it was getting hard. Stay on it, Mac. You're a grown adult now. But Cammy could feel that Mac's hands were shaking, despite his serious and not panicked expression.]

If I didn't land in that hospital and fought it out with 'im...The Kraken wouldn'ta been like that...

[Cammy ran her thumbs soothingly against Mac's shaking hands. Her brow furrowed, voice a bit stern.]

Stop. If he took out a giant sea monster on his own, the fact that you survived a tussle one on one with him is proof enough of your strength. You can't think like that. It's almost over.

[He's hearing what Cammy was saying but it wasn't registering. Mac never felt so hopeless and helpless in his life. Sat in that hospital bed having all his friends worried and strangers pitying him. It was the worst moment in his life. He almost died. He could've stopped a guy that was hanging under their noses the whole time. What was worse is that he was wasn't the only victim. People were minding their own lives and suddenly some crazy guy came and took everything away. He was so angry, that poor waiter and the Kraken. None of them deserved that. He didn't respond to Cammy but he looked like he paid attention.]

Hey Kitten! I got me some gems frrrom the tapes.

Name's Caim. TA forrr the pilotin' class, rooms in TD-13. Got a gist of his routine, too... our boy likes to read, visit the greenhouse, that whole lot. Keeps to himself, mostly - well, when he's not hacking folk to bits.

I'm gonna dig up some more dirt on my own. Rest of the security team's a bunch of morrrons.

Edited at 2012-01-11 09:30 am (UTC)

[Caim, hmm? Well, we had a name, now. We just needed to make the connection.]

Very well. Keep me in the loop.

... That's good work.

Of course it is. Ya doubted me~?

I never said that.

Ya don't need to.

... It was speedy and you kept quiet about it. It must have been the quiet part that surprised me.

Kitten, I might be mad, but I'm careful.

Ya don't get to be as old as me without seeing a lotta friends get snuffed 'cause they got sloppy or trrrusted the wrong people.

[Well, that was... kind of sad. For a con artist. But it was like that on all sides of the law, wasn't it? She could definitely relate.]

You're not so old.

[No Cammy, you had no idea how much backstabbing happens in organized crime. Like, a lot. Normal people usually didn't get gunned down in their office by a rogue CIA cell in a helicopter like Kashiwagi did. And let's not even get started on the 4th game]

Heh. That's why I like you, babe.

Just rrremember... when it comes down to the wire, yer gonna hafta trust me. Got it~?

[Because golly you are going to be so angry if you knew what he was planning right now.]

Edited at 2012-01-13 01:12 am (UTC)

[Cross won't even begin to describe it.]

It was part of the deal. I trust you, you trust me. I haven't forgotten.

[You're going to turn his face to pulp.]

Oh, goodie.

Well, keep me filled in on survivor-boy's testimony. I need to see what kind of force we can musterrr up to confront our killer with. A broadsword's rather tough to deal with, isn't it~?

Not necessarily. Not in the modern world.

[Words from the mouth of an avid fangirl of massive firearms. Her trigger finger is twitching just thinking about it.]

Maybe so, but this ain't the modern world. You've seen the people 'round here.

Discountin' magic is rrrisky.

I'm not discounting it. I'm just not worried about it. Why. Are you?

Of course!

Haven't ya ever watched those movies where everyone's shootin' at the bad guy, but the bullets don't work?

[Okay, now you're just being deliberately silly, Majima.]

[You may be silly, but Cammy had not only seen that trick in movies, but in real life. Psycho power'll do that.]

Um. You don't suppose Caim is one of those types?

I've got nooo idea~!

... Well, either way, I'm sure it will be a situation we can handle.

So ya don't want any backup~?

Again, I never said that.

Hee hee hee...!

I'll ask around. There's more than enough students who've been lookin' for the killer too.

Don't worrrry, I'll be discrete. No delicate info.

Of course. Like I said, keep me posted.

Okay! Kisses an' hugs~!


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