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possessedbybook wrote in smash_network
[Klug had been quiet for a while because he was learning how to work a computer. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and all that. Hey, he came from a little town with no cars whatsoever, he needed to learn what a computer was before he got into learning how to type and everything.]

Hello Smash network, I'm Klug and I'm a transfer student from Primp magic school. You may be familiar with the term "puyo" from a certain idiot person with a strange red hat with eyes. I'm from the same place as her.

Compared to Primp, this place certainly is a lot larger... Even the library! The vast knowledge will enable me to take a step towards my dream, of becoming a successful, powerful, wizard. Not only I can become a stronger puyo match wizard, perhaps I can manifest other kinds of magic as well!

[You will most definitely find him at the library during the day, reading all sorts of books. He would be reading a different book every time you see him, but there's always this certain red book he'll have at all times. Don't touch it, though, Klug is real attached to that book.]

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Magic, huh?

Wizard magic?

[ magic.]

What other magic would there be? Of course wizard magic! Like spontaneous explosions, thunder attack, and anything else you can think of!

I guess I'm not all too familiar with stuff like that. Magic was all around my old school but I was always around science.

[However. Note: There is magic that can create explosions and thunder strikes.]

Science... I'm not too familiar with that as well. It wasn't until recently that I ran into advanced technology so I admit, I'm a little curious about this science stuff.

[oh man who is this creep and why is he typing like a creep.]

Klug!! You didn't tell me you were going to Smash too! :DD

[Hey shut up about me being a creep. I'd like to be called intelligent ok]

Salutations, Amitie.

I don't think I need to tell anyone where I go to study... Except for Ms. Accord, of course.

Get real! Why's that, we could've gone here together and have fun on the ride with the train. :(

What are you talking about? If I went on the same train, you wouldn't have stopped blabbering about "this" and "that" and it would have been so annoying!

I'm an adult, not a kid like you.

Edited at 2012-01-12 12:13 pm (UTC)

Heeee? So would that mean an adult wouldn't hangout with a kid like me??? :(((

That's right. Now if you will excuse me, I have some studying to do.

But Klug, we haven't talked that much since me and Sig asked you about my hat and his hand. :(

That was about a week ago!

And stop using weird faces!

....more folk from this Primp place, eh? Blimey.

And is there a problem with that?

[He doesn't like your text tone, mister.]

Not particularly. Should there be?

Of course not! Barely anything happens there anyways.

At times. But then there are occasions where things do happen, and when it does it tends to go crazy.

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