Rockin' Out

Hey, just got a message from Rachel back at Orange Star. She needs some help back home dealin' with some stuff goin' down and asked me to come back. So I guess this means goodbye for now, bras and bradettes.

I'll probably be back some time soon, but I'll keep y'all posted on what's goin' down. Don't think yer gettin' rid of me THAT easy!

Lash, don't blow anythin' up.

Hawke, stay chill.

Mac, I'll be watchin yer fights and rootin' for ya!

Max, I'll send you back some energy drinks and protein bars from Hachi's store.

Goose, keep on truckin'.

Char, don't burn the place down. I want somethin' to come back to!

Sasha, keep bein' cool.

A'ight, I'll see you around. Peace!
moterfoking NINJA (Sonicteamicons)

A little bit of Private, a little bit of Action.

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[And so Knuckles is prowling around campus in the wee hours of the morning. He's wearing some dark clothing, has a flask of coffee strapped to his hip and the daggers Marth gave him for christmas in their sheaths on his back. He's running a circuit of the roofs and open areas, eyes peeled for anything suspicious or any persons of interest.]


[Klug had been quiet for a while because he was learning how to work a computer. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and all that. Hey, he came from a little town with no cars whatsoever, he needed to learn what a computer was before he got into learning how to type and everything.]

Hello Smash network, I'm Klug and I'm a transfer student from Primp magic school. You may be familiar with the term "puyo" from a certain idiot person with a strange red hat with eyes. I'm from the same place as her.

Compared to Primp, this place certainly is a lot larger... Even the library! The vast knowledge will enable me to take a step towards my dream, of becoming a successful, powerful, wizard. Not only I can become a stronger puyo match wizard, perhaps I can manifest other kinds of magic as well!

[You will most definitely find him at the library during the day, reading all sorts of books. He would be reading a different book every time you see him, but there's always this certain red book he'll have at all times. Don't touch it, though, Klug is real attached to that book.]


[Kyogre had returned from his holiday trip back to the sun and surf of Hoenn to find pieces of that adorable Kraken littered all over campus. Ever since the discovery and subsequent long term clean up, he could be found grumbling to himself, mood dark, often pacing around his office, classroom, and dorm room. He got increasingly more irritable before he finally posted a rather jarring video on the network, voice and choice of vocabulary sounding nothing like the casual, wishy- washy front he had put on up to this point.]

Sister. I would like to inform you that you are my primary suspect in this grisly murder. I returned from Hoenn to find the vestiges of your trademark rage littered across this campus. If you wish to convey something to me, I offer congratulations, because you most certainly have done it.

However. If I discover it wasn't my landlocked brute of a twin that committed this horror of an act, I would yearn to convey a message of my own to all other members of this community--

I do not find this to be especially humorous. I do not take cruelty towards members of my kind lightly in the least. You should hope I never discover your identity, there are many that can testify to my tendency to overreact.

[The feed ends suddenly.]
[*] No.

(no subject)

There's something I want to try out at the stadium next Sunday and I need volunteers to play along. I will guarantee anyone interested that while there won't be any bloodshed, it will still be pretty violent for your fighting fetishes.

In a nutshell, you'll be sparring with assigned props. I can't give out anymore detail until the end of it.

Stadium, Next Sunday, 7pm. Preferrably students, but I shouldn't let the faculty miss out on all the fun!

((Log will happen after the move to dreamwidth))

[003 || new years gifts]

Secret Santa Ness: Chocolate Cheesecake.
Ai: Basic drawing kit.
EVA: Another used condom and some hemorrhoidal cream.
Leon: Plastic shot glasses. (In case he gets cursed again.)
Mac: Strawberry Shortcake and a carrying bag for his boxing gloves.
Megaman: ... Another cupcake pan.
Miller: A new pair of sunglasses and maté tea.
Raiden: A black thong identical to his except the lightning bolt is on the left side. Also a new shooting video game.
Skull Kid: 120 Crayon set.
Surge: Poffins for his Pokémon.
Team Red: Poffins! They aren't poisoned, don't worry. =|
Theo: Basic drawing kit.
Volgin: Himself. And some new turtleneck sweaters.
Waluigi: 2 Yellow flowers.
Watt: Fuzzy yellow mittens and a pale yellow ushanka.
human - concerned


Well. I did it. My New Years Resolution last year was to gain one hundred pounds in my Pokemon form, and I did it. So, I'm happy about that. I just got weighed at the Pokemon center. I even beat my goal by ten pounds.

I think this year my resolution should be another hundred pounds. That would be good. And maybe to sleep a little bit less. I tried coffee today - It's actually kind of tasty with a lot of sugar and some whipped cream and some cinnamon on it.

[He's looking a little drained and sounding a little less enthusiastic than normal. Feel free to poke him or stop in for a visit. Once done with the video he will be watering plants. Like. For hours.]
Brb rechargin

[Private to Samus, pretty darn unhackable. But not impossible.]

[Also backdated to a few days after the Kraken incident.]

[Heeey Samus. How do you like encrypted video transmissions coming your way? It's not even anonymous, because you should spend less time worrying about who it's from and more time actually watching it. It seems to be security feeds from different areas of the school, tracking the movements of some walking sludge mound or something-- OH WAIT that's just a guy covered in blood and guts and wearing the Kraken's tail as a hat. He is so caked in gore it's just about impossible to make out who it even is.

Over the otherwise silent video comes the sound of Ghor's voice:]

I've checked every facial profile in the school database but I cannot identify this individual. Can you?