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Smash Academy's Journal Network

IC Character Journals

[Private to Samus, pretty darn unhackable. But not impossible.]
Brb rechargin
hunter_ghor wrote in smash_network
[Also backdated to a few days after the Kraken incident.]

[Heeey Samus. How do you like encrypted video transmissions coming your way? It's not even anonymous, because you should spend less time worrying about who it's from and more time actually watching it. It seems to be security feeds from different areas of the school, tracking the movements of some walking sludge mound or something-- OH WAIT that's just a guy covered in blood and guts and wearing the Kraken's tail as a hat. He is so caked in gore it's just about impossible to make out who it even is.

Over the otherwise silent video comes the sound of Ghor's voice:]

I've checked every facial profile in the school database but I cannot identify this individual. Can you?