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human - concerned
punchtheflute wrote in smash_network
Well. I did it. My New Years Resolution last year was to gain one hundred pounds in my Pokemon form, and I did it. So, I'm happy about that. I just got weighed at the Pokemon center. I even beat my goal by ten pounds.

I think this year my resolution should be another hundred pounds. That would be good. And maybe to sleep a little bit less. I tried coffee today - It's actually kind of tasty with a lot of sugar and some whipped cream and some cinnamon on it.

[He's looking a little drained and sounding a little less enthusiastic than normal. Feel free to poke him or stop in for a visit. Once done with the video he will be watering plants. Like. For hours.]

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Hundred pounds of muscle?

Edited at 2012-01-07 07:04 am (UTC)

Hmmmm. I guess maybe SOME of it might be muscle? Mostly it's fat. From eating a lot.

I bet if I worked on it with you you could make the next hundred pounds be muscle.

Well, muscle burns fat so I really don't want to have too much muscle.

But I could come and spend time with you when you're doing your working out stuff. You're probably missing Vinnie in the mornings, right?

[Red pats him on the shoulder. He's proud of you but at the same time, Sonny shouldn't push himself too hard.]

[He smiles at Red. He always smiles at Red.]

Well, Vinnie's plants sure LOOK like they're happy. I'm glad I know how to take care of them.

I'm not sure gaining pounds is healthy, Sonny...

It is for Snorlaxes. The bigger we are, the better and stronger we are. I want to be the biggest and strongest I can be so that means I need more pounds.

Alright then... Just don't push yourself.

Everyone else pushes themselves in their training. I can too. It's not the same kind of training but it's something.

Are you sure that is... a healthy resolution? Normally I would root for you to strive for your goals, but I don't know if gaining hundreds of pounds is good for you!

Oh! I remember you! Hi!

I'm a Snorlax. The average weight of a Snorlax is 1014.1 lbs. Some of us are a little lighter, some of us are heavier. I'm a little bigger than that now, but I want to be even BIGGER than that. A snorlaxes power is in it's weight, so, the more I weigh, the better I am.

Yes! Hello!

Ah, I see! That's right. You were a rather large creature when you came into my office that day, so it would only make sense that you require a lot of weight if that's how you're built. I should apologize for the quick assumption I made there. Goodness, that is a lot of weight to carry! Does it ever get difficult?

No! I'm very strong. I can move around really easily. Snorlaxes aren't very fast Pokemon, but there's a lot of things we can do, and everything we do means we have to move all that weight around.

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