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human - concerned
punchtheflute wrote in smash_network
Well. I did it. My New Years Resolution last year was to gain one hundred pounds in my Pokemon form, and I did it. So, I'm happy about that. I just got weighed at the Pokemon center. I even beat my goal by ten pounds.

I think this year my resolution should be another hundred pounds. That would be good. And maybe to sleep a little bit less. I tried coffee today - It's actually kind of tasty with a lot of sugar and some whipped cream and some cinnamon on it.

[He's looking a little drained and sounding a little less enthusiastic than normal. Feel free to poke him or stop in for a visit. Once done with the video he will be watering plants. Like. For hours.]

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Well, muscle burns fat so I really don't want to have too much muscle.

But I could come and spend time with you when you're doing your working out stuff. You're probably missing Vinnie in the mornings, right?

Yeah, but muscle hits harder than fat, trust me.

You sure you're up for that? Whenever I burst in on Vinnie for a surprise workout you're always sawin' logs and me yellin' at him doesn't ever wake you up.

Yeah, but I might get out of shape if I have too much muscle, Max. Snorlax' are supposed to be big and round. I don't want to change that.

I can set my alarm. It would be nice to sit and watch you and talk whenever you're not too busy to talk.

Yeah, I guess. I've been pokemon lots of times, and when I was a venusaur and a blastoise and a bulbasaur I had to be a turtle or a plant guy and I guess I couldn't change that.

But if you want to get human you buff, I can help with that.

Maybe while Vinnie's gone you can do all of his stuff with me.

I was just thinking I could sit and watch you do your normal thing without really doing it too.... I thought you might just like the company. I would.

You would what?

Like the company.

Can you swim?

I can!!! I used to help our team cross the ocean sometimes! Snorlax can learn Surf!

Alright, good. You can join me in the pool.

::Max, it is December. Why are you still swimming. This is crazy.::

I can't talk when I'm swimmin' and it'd be borin' for you to just watch a guy swim for like an hour.

I wouldn't mind. I'm pretty patient. But OK - we can swim together. It will be fun! I know Vinnie didn't much care to swim, and I bet especially now that it's so cold.

Hey. Um. Can I ask you something?

Time for icons drawn by me

Bring your trunks. Or, uh, I probably got some Orange Star ones that'd fit you if you ain't got any.

Sure. Go ahead.

I have some just regular shorts that I've worn swimming before.

Well... You're Vinnie's boss. So. He probably had to tell you about why he went wherever it is he went, right? I see that on TV. People have to 'call out'. I was wondering if he said anything to you about why he had to go? Because I guess I'm kind of a little bit confused about it.

Oh, that.

Vinnie said somethin' about how he don't know what he is anymore, 'cause he's a wild pokemon, but I told him he wasn't a wild pokemon anymore and he knows he ain't 'cause he left you a note instead of just totally runnin' off and whatever and he's got a trainer.

He said he was all confused about who he was and he had to figure it out by himself in the woods bein' a venusaur. I told him he was a lunkhead, but he still ran off to go figure his head out.


Well. He was wild. See, most Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur you'd ever meet were born in a Professor's care. Usually Professor Oak, I think. But he wasn't.

Is it really that hard for him to know who he is? What does that even MEAN? You can look in a mirror and see who you are. And if that isn't enough then you could ask your family who you are. I could tell him who he is. It's easy. But he doesn't ask me things like that because I think he doesn't want to make me worry. Which is silly because leaving like that makes me worry a lot.

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