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private; hackable- to mac, delta red, and majima
big girls don't cry
misscammywhite wrote in smash_network

Hi Mac. You probably don't really remember who I am, but my name is Cammy White. I'm a university student here. I'm glad to see you're back up on your feet and feeling better. I'm disheartened that our correspondence couldn't be under brighter circumstances, but I'm afraid I must ask for your help-- would you be able to look at some security camera footage I've come in possession of? If you declined, I would understand. I think it could really help in the search for the person that put you in such a state in the first place.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

- Cammy White.

Thank you for your birthday wishes on the 6th, despite the fact that I tell you every year that you don't need to do anything like that. No use in pretending I guess-- messages from you lot put a smile on my face every time, no matter what the occasion. Hope everything is going well back in London. Things are interesting here. I promise I'll fill you in when more comes into light.


I reached out to Mac, the boy I was telling you about before. I intend to show him the footage you found and see if he can make the connection. Let me know if you find anything in the other footage.

- C. White

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[He read this, he read it hard. This lady. Cammy...Video footage. Able to help. Mac read all of this and pinged. Did they catch footage of his attacker, really? Mac couldn't remember all of what he looked like, but any clue...any clue would help. Something to ping Mac's brain and unlock anything to help him identify the guy. This was Mac's chance to help. Catch the creep that did this. Who did this to a LOT of people, including him. All innocent. Including the Kraken. Mac didn't know Cammy but she seemed to know a little about him. So introductions didn't matter here. Mac was serious, this was business. Time to get to work, do or die time. He wanted to be right to the point, go ahead and do what he was asked to do. Straight answers.]

No, I'd be more than willin' to look at it. Thanks, ma'am. I'd do anythin' I can to stop this creep.

[Anything, even go out to stop himself. He was slowly beginning to think about forgetting his injuries. He really was. In spite of what people told him.]

Thank you. It's footage of the man that killed and mutilated the Kraken. It's not especially clear, but if it turns out to be the same man you might be able to make that connection regardless. When would be a good time for you?

I'm good to do it now. This is important.

Very well.

[In a short while, Cammy shows up at Mac's door with a tape in her hands and an apologetic look on her face. She knocks on his door.]

Uh, comin'!

[He went to open the door. Oh, he hadn't expected for her to come to his dorm but WHATEVS. Wait, this was Cammy right?]

Miss Cammy White?

Yes, that's me. Excuse the intrusion, but I wanted to make things easier.

[She holds up the tape.]

I thought I would come to you.

It's no problem. I'm happy to help.

[He eyes the tape. Moment of truth.]

I got a VHS player, I'll pop this in.

[He looks ready to not like what he sees.]

Hey Kitten! I got me some gems frrrom the tapes.

Name's Caim. TA forrr the pilotin' class, rooms in TD-13. Got a gist of his routine, too... our boy likes to read, visit the greenhouse, that whole lot. Keeps to himself, mostly - well, when he's not hacking folk to bits.

I'm gonna dig up some more dirt on my own. Rest of the security team's a bunch of morrrons.

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[Caim, hmm? Well, we had a name, now. We just needed to make the connection.]

Very well. Keep me in the loop.

... That's good work.

Of course it is. Ya doubted me~?

I never said that.

Ya don't need to.

... It was speedy and you kept quiet about it. It must have been the quiet part that surprised me.

Kitten, I might be mad, but I'm careful.

Ya don't get to be as old as me without seeing a lotta friends get snuffed 'cause they got sloppy or trrrusted the wrong people.

[Well, that was... kind of sad. For a con artist. But it was like that on all sides of the law, wasn't it? She could definitely relate.]

You're not so old.

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