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makes_sea wrote in smash_network
[Kyogre had returned from his holiday trip back to the sun and surf of Hoenn to find pieces of that adorable Kraken littered all over campus. Ever since the discovery and subsequent long term clean up, he could be found grumbling to himself, mood dark, often pacing around his office, classroom, and dorm room. He got increasingly more irritable before he finally posted a rather jarring video on the network, voice and choice of vocabulary sounding nothing like the casual, wishy- washy front he had put on up to this point.]

Sister. I would like to inform you that you are my primary suspect in this grisly murder. I returned from Hoenn to find the vestiges of your trademark rage littered across this campus. If you wish to convey something to me, I offer congratulations, because you most certainly have done it.

However. If I discover it wasn't my landlocked brute of a twin that committed this horror of an act, I would yearn to convey a message of my own to all other members of this community--

I do not find this to be especially humorous. I do not take cruelty towards members of my kind lightly in the least. You should hope I never discover your identity, there are many that can testify to my tendency to overreact.

[The feed ends suddenly.]

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[Well, well, well. Groudon wasn't one to pay close attention to the network, but a post like this by her dear brother simply couldn't be ignored.]

There are considerable many things I wish to convey to you, Wet Brother. Violence primarily, but among them... I must marvel at your delusion.

Your words mean nothing to me. Prevent your drowning by providing me proof.

Your threats mean as much to me as the puddles at your malformed feet.

I have scarce ventured from my dwellings since the infestation of parasitic flora across the school. You only look a fool to claim otherwise.

This is no time to be referring to me as a fool.

And yet a fool you remain.

I care not a whit for any creature of yours. Why, then, should I grace them with the privilege of being personally dismembered by my hand?

That is an honour I've reserved for you alone, Wet Brother.

Don't. Just don't.

This outburst is going to do a thing for anyone.

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