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A little bit of Private, a little bit of Action.
moterfoking NINJA (Sonicteamicons)
monotreme_101 wrote in smash_network

Hey, Ganondorf hired me on as a bouncer at his Tavern. It would only be a couple nights a week, but would pay pretty well, so, we can start looking around town for a place! Super excited!

I'm glad I've got this whole move to think about. Gives me something else to concentrate on. Even when I was tracking the theif a few years back I had less to go on but seemed to make more progress than this. It's damn frustrating. I need to kick things up a notch, especially now that I know for sure that things aren't right on campus. Still don't know if our silent swordsman is the Kraken killer. Need more proof. I'll find something tonight... I gotta.

[And so Knuckles is prowling around campus in the wee hours of the morning. He's wearing some dark clothing, has a flask of coffee strapped to his hip and the daggers Marth gave him for christmas in their sheaths on his back. He's running a circuit of the roofs and open areas, eyes peeled for anything suspicious or any persons of interest.]

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[Well now, speaking of suspicious-looking...

Here comes a man, strolling about in a black suit and black gloves. He had a metal baseball bat slung over his shoulder as he made his way in the dark, walking without fear. There was a powerful confidence in his steps, like he owned the place. And from the way he would glance about every so often, he was looking for someone rather than patrolling.

Not to mention he had an eyepatch, which just screamed stereotypical bad guy so loud, it hurt. Made for a larger blind spot too, which was probably why he hadn't noticed Knuckles at all.]

[Knuckles was definitely given pause by the appearance of this gentleman. In fact, he was given so much pause that he stopped moving just to watch the dark suited human pass.]

Hmm.... I wonder.... who's THAT guy?

[He hadn't kept up with the changes to the security team. He left that kind of thing to Goose. Still. His own independant patrols had thus far yielded almost nothing. Maybe, that was going to change this evening.

He followed along behind Majima quietly. The bat was obviously not a sword.... but then, who was to say that a sword was all the silent killer used? The bat gave him a small flashback to 'Little Blue' from last year and his resolve suddenly hardened.]

Hey! It's kinda late for a game of ball, huh Bub?

[To be fair, Majima had been employed at the school for less than a month now, and most of his business dealings happened off-campus. He was a busy man, after all. Lots of organized crime to organize.

The mystery man turned his head towards the voice that had so deftly broken the nighttime silence. He paused.

And then... giggled.]

Hee hee hee...!

What'rrre you supposed to be? A ninja~?

Edited at 2012-01-13 04:42 am (UTC)

Nope. I know some Ninjitsu, but not enough to be called a Ninja.

[Knuckles leapt from the roof and landed near Majima. He looked bigger from down here than he did from up there. Unsurprisingly enough. Not big enough to phase Knuckles, who spent a lot of time with Max after all. But... bigger.]

I'm an Echidna. And you are...?

[Tall for a Japanese man, but 6 feet was nothing to write home about here. He was lanky and lean, and what skin that could be seen on him was sickly pale. The one eyed man regarded Knuckles with a predatory air. The way he shook when he laughed, the manic pitch to his voice, it all painted the picture of a man who burned with psychotic glee.

He shifted his weight casually from one foot to the other, and lazily lifted the bat from off his shoulder.]

Lookin' for ya. You must be Knuckles.

::Well now, speaking of suspicious-looking...

It's Duster. At 3am. Wearing pink pants. Bright pink pants.::

I'm going to assume this happens before Majimatimes

[Well, Knuckles had lived with a duster before now, so, this was no HUGE surprise to him.]

Hey. Duster.... you sure you oughta be roamin' around this time of night? There's still a killer on the lose, y'know.

[He's talking to you from a relatively high tree branch.]

It's happening whenever you want, bby

::Duster wasn't there anymore::

Re: It's happening whenever you want, bby

[....that was some blinding speed.]

Re: It's happening whenever you want, bby

::There's a gentle tap on your shoulder.::

I'm on my toes; don't worry.

Great! I've got a list of a few places to check out that should be in our price range and are close enough to the academy. We should probably try starting there.

Perfect! Sounds great, baby. I have a few places I saw online and printed out pages for too, so, we can check them all out at the same time and see which one suits us best.

This is gonna be so awesome!

I'm looking forward to it!

I can't wait. I mean, I'm gonna miss my roomie and the ease of living on campus, but just gettin' to live with you is gonna be so super sweet.

OH! And you know what this means, right? House warming partyyyyy

...I didn't even THINK of that! Wow, something ELSE to look forward to!

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